Israeli Initiative: A high-tech training center and a software house will be established in Georgia

Israeli Initiative: A high-tech training center and a software house will be established in Georgia

establishment that wishes to meet the existing need in the country – today there is a shortage of about 5,000 programmers in the Georgian high-tech market ● The software house will be opened for software and applications for Georgian companies and international companies

A cooperation agreement to establish a training center and specialized training and high-tech and software house, to be constructed by Israeli businessmen and partners from Georgia, was signed last week in Georgia with the University BTU (Tam Business and Technology University) to study business administration and technology Tbilisi, the capital. Forwarders project include Israeli businessman Meni Benish , owner of real estate, hotel and holding companies in technology companies in Georgia, who serves as Honorary Consul of Georgia in Israel; The senior partner in the project, Eran Lesser , chairman of the group Extreme , co-founder and former co-CEO of the College John Bryce from Matrix Group

, Former head of field training Mamram, and has extensive experience in setting up development centers and training in various countries including China, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine; and project leader at BTU – Rector Prof. Michael Btiasoili. To support cooperation among member parliament Georgian, Ilia Zulia , and Member of Parliament, Irkali Mazoranashvili .

TECH-Hub – will be built at the University campus

BTU is a private university, established in September this year in the area considered “Silicon Valley of Tbilisi,” with more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students in technology and business administration. The opening event was attended by the Prime Minister of Georgia, the Minister of Education and Science, and business and technology people from Georgia and international companies.

Graduates of all universities, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Georgia, will be able to integrate, after a rigorous screening process, at the Tech-Hub Training Center, which will be built at the BTU campus.

The cooperation agreement is supported by the Georgian government, which has given its blessing, and later it is possible to participate in the financial investment of designated budgets. The government of Georgia is looking for solutions to the plight of technology professionals – developers and programmers – when there is currently a shortage of 5,000 programmers needed for the local high-tech industry immediately. In addition, the center will offer services to international companies. According to Meni Benish, “The project is planned to train about 100 programmers in the coming year, and will award scholarships to 50 outstanding candidates each year, funded by TECH Hub, which will be in the form of four months to a year. , And to expand the scope of the total investment accordingly. “At the same time, we will establish a software center of TECH-Hub, which will absorb the graduates of the professional training program and will develop software and applications in various development languages ​​for Georgian companies and international companies.”

According to Eran Lesser, “We are developing activities that will help develop the high-tech sector in Georgia and provide a quick response to the huge shortage of programmers and high-tech workers through cooperation and imparting long-term knowledge and experience in the field. Universities, and reliability and loyalty that are an important component in software development for companies all over the world. “

The government of Georgia is encouraging investments in various fields, particularly in the field of software hi-tech, with technological development being one of the government’s five strategic goals during this term. The government’s policy is to encourage investment by high-tech companies in the field of software, also by means of a very easy tax policy, including the State not charging taxes on profits and there is no tax on the dividends of the shareholders