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Course Overview

We are Techub !  we are an R&D and software development company, which first train it’s juniors, in our state-of-the-art IT education center, and then employs the graduate of the training program in our software and R&D center.

At first the R&D center will give its services to companies abroad and will focus on European clients.

Among our founders, there are members from the Israeli Hi-Tech sector, which are a great believer in the Georgian software sector employees, and business professionals from the Georgian market, as well as BTU- Business and Technology University, which lead the higher education in Georgia.

Our unique training program is based on an Israeli leading training program, which is based upon know how from the Israeli defense forces software units.

The unique TechHub training program takes an excellent potential candidate, asses its logical abilities, interview him or her, and  if qualify – accept this candidate to the program as a student.

The TecHub program is an intense training , 3 evening per week and Stuarday, for 6 months.

The program will qualify its graduates as a junior Front End Developer.

The training program is FREE for qualified candidates, and graduates of this intense program will be obligated to work with Techub R&D center for at least 24 months, or at other business partner from the Georgian market.

The training program is focus on Real Life projects, as done in similar Israeli training programs, it gives its graduates a  system-wide approach for development , in depth understanding of processes and team work abilities.

The students will learn problem solving abilities, out of the box thinking, self learning, and new technologies understanding, that will give the course graduates an advantage in the market.

Top Mentors and trainers from the market will lead the course. Experts from Israel will be involved in the course design , delivery , and workshops.

First – you have to APPLY for the course.

Fill the application form in our site, attach your CV , and if relevant to us, one of our career consultants will approach you to continue the recruitment process.

Next you will have to interview by our career consultant, and pass a psychometric test.

This test is used in Israel in similar projects and in the Israeli Army, and aim to predict the success of a candidate in Programming course. The test is about An hour and a half long, and check personality aspects as well as logical abilities and English level.

For those how pass the test and the interview, you will invite to enter the course, and then – our Techub software company. GOOD LUCK !

About a two months before the end of the training program, you will have a set of career advisory sessions, and Hi-Tech companies , as our clients at Techub will interview you, professionally and personality. You will then be assigned to a specific team of software project, and start to work as a Junior Front End Developer in Techub.

Start your dream job NOW ! APPLY if you think that you are qualify and willing to invest in your future !

In-depth practical training as a Front End Developer. From our experience this is similar to a 1-2 years of experience.

Career in the most desirable sector – Hi-Tech sector , in Georgia and in the world.

A set of toolbox that will serve you through-out your life ling career

Solid and well respected partners of Techub , that will assist you in your future journey – we will locate the right job for you

Key job role in the Hi-Tech market

Your training will gain you an advantage in the job market, to faster promotion and future salary advancement

And …. The training is FREE ! Techub is financing !


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